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The aim is to get 100,000 people together to fund a low budget feature film. Anyone can join - film fans, film students, film professionals - anyone that would like to have a hand in making a feature film.

Own a Film Company Concept:

  • Initial registration is free.
  • Once 100,000 people have registered, we will email everyone an invitation to become a paid member and shareholder.
  • Paid Membership costs just £30 (plus VAT) a year and is limited to the first 100,000 people.
  • £5 of the membership fee is used for admin and the running the website, the other £25 goes to the film production fund.
  • Once there are 100,000 paid up members, we will have £2.5m to fund a low budget feature film.
  • Paid members will vote on the film script, main actors, crew, and the soundtrack (where applicable).
  • 50% of any profits will be split equally between the 100,000 paid members.

Membership Benefits:

  • Be a shareholder in a film production company. All members own one share, so have equal voting rights.
  • The chance to have your say, and be involved in the making of a feature film.
  • Apply to work on the production of the film in order to gain experience.
  • Submit your script before non-members.
  • Attend members only acting auditions.
  • Your music could be used for the soundtrack.
  • Make a profit, if the film is a financial success.


Members get to Submit their scripts first. Non-members will only be invited to submit their script, if we don't get enough from members.


If the film requires a soundtrack, members will be invited to submit their music first.

Media Students

There will be unpaid positions, working on the production, that only members can apply for.


There will be members only auditions and if extras are required, members will be used first.

A Limited company will be set up, with all paid up members owning 1 share, this means that if the film fails or the company goes into debt, members will not be liable. All they will "lose" is their £30 membership fee.

Once there are 100,000 paid members, script writers will be invited to submit their film scripts. Members will be able to submit their scripts before non-members.

A panel will shortlist the 5 best film scripts. These will be posted on the website, and members will be able to vote for their favourite script, via the website. The film script with the most votes will then be made into a feature film. Members will also vote for production staff and lead actors.

There will be a limited number of unpaid positions, working on the production of the film, which members will be allowed to apply for. This is ideal for film or media students and graduates, as well as those looking to gain further experience.

The £30 is an annual fee, not a one off fee. This will allow another film will be made the following year. Users will have the option leave after the first year, and new membership places will be made available to replace them.

Only 100,000 will have the opportunity to join, but member numbers fees may change in future years.

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